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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ



Reinhard and Anni Bonnke spent seven long years in Maseru, doing the work of missionaries in the traditional way. However, during those years the call to evangelism that burned in his soul took wings, until by repeated miracles and moves of the Holy Spirit, literally millions of men and women across the world have heard the good news of the Gospel through his anointed ministry.

In those early days in Lesotho, God showed Reinhard a vision of a 'blood-washed Africa.' Even though at that time there was little or no evidence in his ministry that such a grand idea was even remotely possible, Reinhard took hold of the vision and in Jesus' name began to speak it and live it.


In obedience to a word from the Lord, Reinhard led his fledgling team to the national stadium of the country of Botswana in the city of Gaborone, to hold a city-wide Gospel Campaign. Although he had never preached in a stadium before, he trusted God for a miracle as one church after the other declined to participate, wondering who this unknown preacher was and why he was so enthusiastic about an obvious impossibility.

With only one small fellowship co-operating, the meetings began and Reinhard's disappointment can be imagined when only one hundred people came to the first meeting. He nevertheless preached as if the place was full and to his complete amazement, after only a few minutes, a man in the congregation jumped to his feet and disrupted the proceedings by shouting out, "I've just been healed!" This was repeated five times over as others shouted out the same thing, resulting in an outburst of joyous praise.

The news that God was doing miracles in the stadium soon spread across the city and by the final meeting, for the first time in his short ministry, Reinhard preached to a packed stadium. Thousands streamed forward for forgiveness of their sins, hundreds were healed and thousands more were baptised in the Holy Spirit - and this was just the beginning. On a return visit to the country of Botswana twelve years later, the leader of a large denomination reported that eighty percent of his current pastors were converts from that first campaign in Gaborone.

God gives the increase...


Events moved rapidly after this as the Yellow Tent seating ten thousand people was built and the results of the ministry began to grow. Follow-up teams were formed to help usher the new converts into the local churches and preparation teams began to travel in advance of the ministry team to prepare the ground for harvest.


Before long the need for a larger tent was crystallised into action by a word from the Lord about the biggest tent of all, one that would seat thirty-four thousand people. Large enough to completely cover three football fields, with masts that rose as high as a six-storey building, the "Big Tent" was a giant in every respect. It stood like a gigantic combine harvester, ready to move out into the ripe harvest fields of Africa.

It was only a matter of two years though, before even this huge canopy could no longer contain the masses that were streaming to the Gospel Campaigns. It was after Blantyre, Malawi that the big tent was no longer used because there a crowd of 150,000 people attended a single meeting, more than four times the capacity of the "Big Tent"!


Open-air Gospel Campaigns became the order of the day as hundreds of thousands flocked to every meeting. In one particular campaign held in Lagos, Nigeria, 1,600,000 people came to a single meeting with a total of six million attending the five days of services. The ministry team moved from East Africa to West Africa and back again as the two, now separate, technical and support teams, organised events on opposite sides of the continent of Africa. Since the beginning of this evangelistic ministry, Reinhard Bonnke has preached face to face to multiplied millions of people in Africa alone, and of that vast number, over sixty five million responded to the call of salvation by filling out decision cards and were ushered into the church follow-up programme.


The ministry increased the number of campaigns held per year in Africa and also began to branch out to Asia by holding one campaign per year in that part of the world. Campaigns followed in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and India, with three or four taking place in South America as well. Each event resulted in tens of thousand receiving Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and multitudes were healed and delivered from demon forces.


As news of what God was doing went ahead of the team, the reception in many places began to change. Some closed their doors to the prospect of such active Christianity but many more opened up gladly. People in high places also began to take note of the huge crowds and the positive impact that the Gospel was having, and Reinhard Bonnke soon found that he was being asked to meet State Presidents and to address Houses of Parliament. Many leading national figures opened their own hearts to the message of the Gospel while meeting privately with Reinhard - to date, he has personally met with fourteen different State Presidents in Africa, and counts a number of them as personal friends.

179 Million books in 53 Countries


In the industrialised world, the literature outreach known as "From Minus to Plus" has reached into 95 million homes in twelve different countries with tens of thousands of churches receiving converts from the resulting enquirers. The countries touched in this way are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States of America. This vision still continues actively at this present time in Finland, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

A little-known arm of this ministry is CfaN's literature work. Reinhard Bonnke has written a number of books and booklets. At present, a total of over 179 million books have been translated into over 123 languages and dialects, and are being printed in 53 different countries.


Reinhard emphasises the importance of passing the baton to the next generation for the harvest to continue.  Over recent years he has been working shoulder-to-shoulder with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, his successor serving as the president and CEO of Christ for all Nations.

Daniel Kolenda is a gifted, fifth-generation preacher whose ministry is marked by a powerful evangelistic anointing seeing incredible miracles after the model of Jesus; preaching, teaching and healing.  As a modern missionary evangelist he has led more than 10 million people to Christ, face-to face. 


Such is the magnitude of what God has done and is doing as His servants are obedient to His words and go out to bring in the harvest. CfaN moves on, from country to country, a seemingly endless parade of nations hungry for the Word that will bring Life and proclaim that Jesus Christ is truly Lord of All. We will see greater harvests as the Lord works through us and as you stand together with us faithfully in prayer and financial support. Together we will indeed be able to save countless souls from their sure destination of hell, to populate heaven.