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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ


How we are reaching 150 Million Souls for Christ

One of the things I loved and admired about Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was that he was a visionary. He was a forward-looking and forward-thinking man. On more than one occasion, I remember Reinhard, while preaching a sermon, stopping mid-sentence, turning toward me sitting on the front row, pointing his finger at me and saying in a commanding tone, “Daniel, you are not to become the custodian of my legacy. Preach the Gospel!” That was his admonition to me.

What he was saying – and what he did say many times – was that this was not about his name or his legacy. It wasn’t about building some kind of monument to him. Although we love Reinhard Bonnke and we never want to forget the extraordinary way his life impacted our generation, we honour him most by pressing forward with the same spirit that characterised his life, which was embracing the heavenly vision for the sake of souls.

And so, I think it is very appropriate here, by way of tribute to Reinhard, to talk about the future of the ministry he founded and invested his life into. Reinhard has passed on, but this is not the end – we are just getting started!

A Decade of Double Harvest

In 1987 (for the purpose of our local Church follow-up system) Christ for all Nations began tracking the individual new converts being saved in our crusades. Thirty years later (in 2017) the ministry reached a 75-million milestone. That’s when the Lord began to clearly speak to me about a “Decade of Double Harvest.” In other words, if we would grab hold of this word by faith, we could see the number of people saved double from 75 million in the first thirty years to 150 million in the next ten!

Now, if you think 150 million souls sounds incredible, I don’t blame you. Admittedly, these are massive numbers. But believe it or not, these numbers were not even the most exciting part of what the Lord showed me. I believe that, in this next decade, God will use CfaN to spark the greatest movement of world evangelism in history. Thousands of men and women like Reinhard Bonnke will arise and preach this Gospel throughout the world before Jesus returns. Hallelujah!

Holy Spirit Multiplication

You might ask, “How is this possible? Do you plan to conduct larger campaigns than ever? Or more campaigns than ever?” The answer to that is actually, “Yes.” We will conduct more campaigns this year than ever before. Also, I do believe we are going to see the largest campaigns we have ever seen. Even this coming year, I believe the campaigns in Africa will go to a new level; and there are some really exciting things happening on that front. But what’s more – and this is really what I want to tell you about – the Lord showed me that these results would come, not simply through addition, but by multiplication. We are going to multiply by training, equipping and launching thousands of evangelists. In fact, we’ve already been doing this on a small scale for the last couple years; and the results we’ve seen have been astonishing.

Gospel Trucks

Our strategy for multiplying the harvest is multi-faceted, but just as an example: In Africa, our talented team of world-class technicians has built a fleet of custom-made, mobile campaign units – affectionately known as “Gospel Trucks.” They are designed to give our evangelists a platform in places we could never reach with our mass campaigns. They preach in villages, markets, schools, prisons, orphanages and street corners – basically anywhere and everywhere. These outreaches happen strategically for several weeks leading up to one of our massive Gospel campaigns.

Our mobile campaign trucks are in the field before the main Gospel Campaign, with teams of evangelists conducting outreaches anywhere and everywhere. A clear salvation call is given, and the sick are prayed for, with many wonderful miracles demonstrating the power of the Gospel.

Our teams of evangelists preach in village squares, prisons, hospitals and markets – wherever we can get permission to go. Hundreds of thousands have been saved in these outreaches, and each one is funnelled into a local church.

There is tremendous openness in the schools in Africa to the preaching of the Gospel. Many thousands of precious young people have given their lives to Jesus.


Training evangelists at Bootcamp

In January of 2020, we launched a brand new, 6-month evangelism Bootcamp in Orlando, Florida. Out of hundreds of applicants, we accepted just 50 men and women we believe God has sent. We are going to equip and launch them into the harvest fields. These are the first fruits of a much larger vision. We plan to train 20,000 evangelists in a similar fashion by 2030.

We’re training 50 budding evangelists at our new 6-month intensive training school in Orlando, Florida. Every aspect of evangelism, both practical and spiritual, is taught by speakers with a wealth of experience. These student evangelists will soon be sent to Africa to conduct outreaches themselves.

This one-week school, taught by some of the world’s top evangelists, is attended by people from all over the world, who are called to be evangelists. This year’s School of Evangelism in January had 75 attendees.

Bootcamp Initiation: Tanzania

September 2020 The CfaN Bootcamp Graduates hit the ground in Tanzania! They were trained, equipped, mentored and the final part of their training was: Bootcamp Initiation! For 3 weeks, the graduates were conducting outreaches and ministering as a part of CfaN’s vision for multiplication of evangelists and the Decade of Double Harvest!  This is just the start, so be sure to check back often for updates and recaps of all that God is doing through these powerful men and women of God.

Operation Decapolis - Tanzania
5 Cities in 2 weeks

Also, this year we will launch a brand-new initiative called “Operation Decapolis.”  Working together with the evangelists we have trained; we will conduct five campaigns in five cities over a two-week period across Tanzania – and that is in addition to our normal campaigns.

That means that this year – the year following Reinhard Bonnke’s passing – the ministry he founded will conduct more campaigns than ever, larger campaigns than ever, and see more people saved than ever before! What a fitting tribute to his life and legacy. That is what Reinhard would want. That is what he was always talking about – the future and the harvest.

In this next season, God will use this incredible platform Reinhard and many others spent a lifetime building to launch a new generation of empowered Holy Spirit evangelists.

Imagine five campaigns happening in five cities in two weeks! That’s exactly what is happening later this year in Tanzania. Teams of evangelists will be spreading the Gospel at the same time across a huge region.


Gospel Campaigns

Building on the experience of 30 years, CfaN will continue to hold massive Gospel Campaigns in Africa. As always, we do this in close co-operation with the local churches, so that every new Christian can find a spiritual home. In the last seven months, we’ve been in Nakuru and Kisumu in Kenya, as well as Abeokuta, Ado-Ekiti and Warri in Nigeria. Along with the extremely challenging Decapolis campaign, which will need all our resources, we will also be going to Gisenyi in Rwanda and the city of Aba in Nigeria.

Will you stand with us? It’s going to be amazing, and I want to take this opportunity to ask you to pray for us and stand with Christ for all Nations as never before. This is such a critical moment in the ministry. Many of you have supported Reinhard Bonnke for years – even decades. Will you continue to stand with us as we continue to plunder hell to populate heaven for Calvary’s sake? We love you and thank you.