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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ

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If you are a young person (aged *18-33 or know someone in your Church) with a heart to see the UK & Europe reached with the Gospel, then CfaN is pleased to invite you to the first-ever UK FIRE CAMP, which will be from May 29th – 6th June in Norwich. We are focused on equipping you as an evangelist to bring in the harvest here in the UK & Europe. Our heart is to gather 50 young people whose hearts burn to see the lost come to Christ and desire to grow deeper in the gift of evangelism and the role of the evangelist for their local community and the global Church.

24 Nov 2021


How strange the “Nativity Scene” must look to someone who doesn’t understand it. It is a portrayal of Christ’s birth that blends elements from two Gospels and adds some traditional – and a few mistaken – details.

24 Nov 2021


I was walking through the mall a few days before Christmas. The hustle and bustle of last minute shoppers filled the air like bees buzzing around their hive.

16 Nov 2021

Another Flagship Gospel Crusade has just come to a close here in Ibadan, Nigeria. More than 1.2 million people attended the four days of meetings and, although the decisions cards are still being processed, I’m sure that registered decisions for Christ will tally in the hundreds of thousands! Many influential leaders in the Church and government of Nigeria attended tonight’s meeting, including the Governor of Oyo State and his wife. The crowd was absolutely massive—something unheard of since COVID (have a look at the stunning pictures)!

15 Nov 2021

Today CfaN history was made! This morning was the grand finale of our Fire Conference here in Ibadan, Nigeria. Fire Conferences are events for registered delegates only—primarily pastors, bishops, and church leadership. This morning over 150,000 delegates attended, making it the largest Fire Conference in history! Peter Vandenberg, John Darku (African Director), Levi Lutz (CfaN Bootcamp Director), and I were the preachers, but the ministry team consisted of more than 100 CfaN Bootcamp students graduates and coaches. 

13 Nov 2021

The word about what Jesus is doing has gone out across Ibadan, Nigeria. The whole town is buzzing. The crowd grew substantially tonight, and there was a palpable sense of expectation and faith. As I preached the Gospel, you could hear a pin drop. The people were drinking in the Word of God. When I gave them an opportunity to respond, they broke the doors down, rushing into the Kingdom of God. What a joy to be a proclaimer of Good News in the season of harvest!

12 Nov 2021

I'm writing from Ibadan, Nigeria, where the first night of our crusade here has just come to a close. It's been almost two years since we have been in Nigeria. What a joy to be back! The hunger and faith of the Nigerians inspire me.