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76,000,000 Documented decisions for Christ


“God is shaking Rwanda!” certainly captures what is taking place in Rwanda as Evangelist Samuel Hoernle reported on the team of Bootcamp Graduates and Fire camp students preaching the Gospel! In just nine weeks, 1,145 outreaches were organised and 695,699 young people made a decision for Jesus!

This is the testimony of Olaniyi Segue Israel, who was completely healed by the power of Jesus Christ. The Lord healed his back and set him free.

This is the testimony of Jovita Bishagize, who, after 36 years of deafness, was completely healed during a Christ for all Nations crusade!   After hospitals and even witch-doctors had failed her, she turned to God for help …

Coulibaly was the provider for his family but suddenly he became ill, paralysed and blind for a period of time! Then, in one day, three people gave him a flyer to a Gospel Crusade: his nurse, his daughter and his sister. Coulibaly felt it was a sign that God was calling him to attend. Later he learned that it certainly was the Lord, as he encountered the power of God that night, forever changing his future!  Watch his full testimony.

Sidney Zambo is a young woman from Africa who received a tragic diagnosis. That sickness almost took her life, but she heard about a Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade and an amazing thing happened.

This is the testimony of Elizabeth Joe. As you'll see, she had faced eighteen years of unbearable pain. Elizabeth literally calls it "hell." She had spent nearly all of her family's money on voodoo priests and doctors but to no avail. One day, after a visit to a hospital, she heard the sounds of a Christ for all Nations crusade and decided to see what was happening. Elizabeth had been facing a tremendous challenge for years, and God was about to deal with it for her, but He had to deal with an even greater problem first.

Today I would like to share with you a great testimony of a man called Mohammed. He was a Muslim living in a world of anger, isolation, and confusion. Growing up in Islam, Mohammed had a concept of God, but never fully agreed with its traditions. So over the years, he switched from Islam to Christianity, and then back to Islam. He believed God existed, but was never convinced of the correct way to know Him.

This is the testimony of Josolyne Irayoze who suffered from an illness that affected her vision for 15 years. She knew she needed a miracle! Even when the unexpected happened, she had peace. The mountain before her was daunting, but her faith was strong! Watch this video to see her full testimony . . 

This young man had only one dream for his life, and that was to become a great Muslim, an Imam. He went to school, trained for and attained a position of leadership within a mosque. One day, on his way home from prayer at a mosque, Alfonso stopped by a friend's house, and this is where Alfonso's life would meet a CROSS in the road! Listening to a Christ for all Nations crusade service on the radio, Alfonso would experience a miracle, but this was only the beginning...

Jesus is in the business of changing lives. The moment someone decides to follow Him is not only the end of their old life but the beginning of a whole new life. And when someone really experiences that miracle regeneration, they can’t help but tell the world.